Tuesday 11 June 2019

How to know about Canada Express Entry requirements

Canada is the most popular country that is open for migration around the year. In fact, it is the most welcoming country in terms of inviting skilled and qualified workers who can come and contribute to the growing economy.

There are many visa programs offered by the Canadian government for individuals and families who can select the best possible visa and immigration category. Out of all the migrants coming to Canada, maximum of them apply through the skilled migration program that allows them to come to Canada within just a few months through the Express Entry System.

Express Entry was introduced in 2015 with an aim to bring in skilled and qualified workers to Canada and has become the main driver of economic immigration to Canada since then. The Express Entry system is managed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) which manages and processes applications through economic immigration programs. There are three economic visa programs that are managed by the Express Entry System:

·         Federal Skilled Worker Program
·         Federal Skilled Trade Program
·         Canadian Experience Class

Well, all the mentioned visa categories are extremely popular but out of all Federal, Skilled Worker Program is the most taken by the overseas skilled workers. A point-based visa and immigration system is followed to invite skilled and qualified workers.

However, to apply for Canada Express Entry make sure you meet the below-mentioned requirements:
  1.      You must be under 45 years of age at the time of visa lodgment
  2.        You must have at least two years of full-time work experience in your nominated occupation
  3.       Your nominated occupation must be listed on CIC website
  4.      You must have at least Bachelor’s Degree that is equivalent according to the Canadian          education       standards
  5.       You must have good character and health requirements
  6.       You must have at least CLB 7 bands that are achieved by getting IELTS 6 bands in each module of      reading, writing, listening and speaking.

These are the general Canada Express Entry requirements that you must meet in order to apply for Canada Immigration.

When you have fulfilled these eligibility conditions you must create an online express entry profile by mentioning key credentials like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability, and adaptability factors.
Please note that a minimum of 67 immigration points out of 100 is required to become eligible for applying Canada Immigration for the above-mentioned factors.

Canada follows a simple and systematic process for inviting skilled and qualified workers. The eligible applicants who have score 67 and above points are ranked according to their overall Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. The highest CRS score applicant is then invited to apply for Canada PR.

The higher you score the faster are your immigration chances! So, make sure you meet all the desired Canada Express Entry eligibility requirements and get a high CRS score.

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Saturday 1 June 2019

What is the difference between Express Entry and PNP for Canada?

Both Express Entry and Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) are immigration programs for Canada that varies in their nature of selection and processing.

Both of these programs invites skilled workers to Canada who are willing to contribute their skills towards the development of the economy.
Let me point out the differences between the programs:
Express Entry is a federal program. Introduced in 2015, its main motive is drive of skilled workers into the country.
It is being introduced so that the processing time can be reduced down significantly. Also, it replaces the earlier model of ‘First-come, First served’ and takes applicants based on their Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS).
These points are awarded on the basis of-
a) Age, education, work experience and language skills of the candidate
b) French language ability, Relative living in Canada, etc.
c) Nomination from a province, Job offer letter from Canada, etc.
The other set of programs called Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) are on the other hand are designed in order to meet the local labour shortages.
Canada has 10 big and small provinces each with their own nominee programs to let skilled worker come there and work.
Few popular PNPs are: Saskatchewan PNP, Nova Scotia PNP, Ontario PNP, Prince Edward Island PNP and Manitoba PNP.
Coming to the processing time, Both Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs take their own time.
While Express Entry has a fast processing period of usually 6–8 months, Provincial Nominee Program usually takes a bit longer.
Different PNPs are having different processing time. You can get a fair idea about Processing time of each PNP from official website of different provinces.
Processing time of your application also subject to simplicity/ complexity of your case and therefore can vary.
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