Tuesday 31 July 2018

Parents and Grandparents Can Get Invitations for Canada PR SOON!

Keep a check on your mail this week if you have submitted an interest to sponsor form this week!

On 31st July, 2018 the Canadian government said that it will start issuing additional invitations to potential sponsors of parents and grandparents who submitted an interest to sponsor from earlier this year. 

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) say it is aiming to receive 10,000 complete applications through the Parents and Grandparents Program in 2018. 

The first round of invitation was conducted in March 2018 and the interested sponsors have time until May 25 to submit a complete application for sponsorship. Invitations not resulting in applications till this date were forfeited that resulted in new opportunities for the potential sponsors to apply. 

IRCC says the same randomized list that was used to invite the first round of invitations will be used this week to invite the potential sponsors. 

The selected sponsors will have a 60-days time duration to submit a complete application to sponsor their parents and grandparents. The invitations will be given to the potential applicants in the next few days, as told by IRCC.

It is suggested that anyone who has submitted an Interest to Sponsor form between January 2 and February 1, 2018 and has not yet been invited to apply to check their email and junk mail carefully throughout the week. Source Link

Friday 27 July 2018

Changes Made to Quebec Experience Program W.E.F 2nd August

Coming August 2, 2018 will see new immigration changes to Quebec Immigration program. One of the popular programs, The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) will be making immigration rules easier for low skilled workers and spouses. 

Quebec is different form rest of the provinces of Canada as it runs its own independent immigration system independent of federal immigration authorities. There are several immigration programs run by Quebec and one of them is the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) - the most popular of them. 

The new immigration change will allow accompanying spouses of international students or foreign skilled workers to obtain a spousal work permit, allowing them to work in Quebec while their partner is engaged in studying or work. Till now, the accompanying spouses were eligible to apply for a certifact de selection du Quebec (CSQ) even meeting all other requirements of PEQ. This will be changing from August 2, 2018. 

Under the new guidelines for PEQ, the people on spousal open work permit will be eligible to apply for a CSQ as long as they meet all the eligibility requirements of the program. 

Additionally, under the current guidelines for PEQ, an applicant must have a Quebec experience in a skilled occupation that means only those who have a work experience in a position at National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Level 0, A or B were eligible to apply. However, Quebec’s new proposal does not specify a restriction based on NOC code. Now, the workers having occupational level C and D will also be eligible to apply for PEQ from August 2nd. Source Link

Wednesday 25 July 2018

CIC Invites 3750 FSW Workers With 441 CRS Score

In the latest express Entry round conducted on July 25, 2018. 3750 applicants were invited to apply with a Comprehensive Ranking System Score of 441. 

The current CRS score is one point lower than the last invitation round score of 442 conducted on July 11, 2018. The reason behind score deduction could be attributed to the back- to-back draws of 3,750 ITS in a 14-day period. 

The tie-break up rule was applied for this draw that means all the candidates with a CRS score of 441 and above who submitted their profile before December 31, 2017 at 12:14:21 UTC will receive an ITA in this invitation round. 

This is a fourth consecutive draw issued to 3750 applicants and brings the total number of invitations issued to 7500 applicants in July 2018. This is by far the largest number of ITAs issued in a month since the introduction of Express Entry in 2015 and follows a record-setting month of June, which also saw 7500 ITAs issued. 

However, the number of invitations will increase or decrease is yet to be seen, if IRCC does resort to larger draws or more frequent draws, there is strong possibility of CRS falling down. 

Draw size number of 3750 is now well-established trend in 2018 that has seen draw sizes gradually increased over the course of the year. Source Link

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Latest CRS Draw Sticks to 442; 3750 Invitations Given

The government of Canada has issued 3750 invitations to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence in the latest Express Entry draw conducted on 11th July, 2018. The comprehensive ranking system score was 442. 

The draw was conducted with a tie-break rule. The tie-break time was June 26, 2018 at 13:18:55 UTC; all applicants with a CRS score of 442 and above who submitted their profile before the specified time and date will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in this draw. 

The CRS score of July 11, 2018 draw is same as that of previous round on June 25 and the 3750 ITAs issued is the same of the last two draws, held on June 13 and June 25. 

The reason of constant CRS score from two times despite the large draw size can be the time difference between June 25 and July 11 draw. More time between the Express Entry draws allow more time to reload the effect of elevating cut-off score. 

The draw sizes began at 2,750 ITAs this year and have consistently increased to 3,000 then 3,500 and now 3,750. Source Link Given Below: https://bit.ly/2N9Ubx4