Thursday 25 November 2021

IRCC Issued 613 Invitations With 737 CRS In A Recent Draw Held On November 24, 2021

In the latest Canada Express Entry draw held on November 24, 2021, ministerial instructions issued the invitation for permanent residence under the Express entry system.

Under the Provincial Nominee Program total, 613 invitations issued to apply, with the CRS score of the lowest-ranked candidate is 737. The evaluated profiles are ranked based on the scores acquired by the candidates, and the shapes with high ranks are selected to invite them to apply for permanent residency in Canada on the IRCC.

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The Comprehensive Ranking System or the CRS is calculated by age, educational experience, work experience, partner’s skills etc., because it’s a point-based system that evaluates a candidate’s profile.

For those who want to settle in Canada, the Canada PNPs system is the more convenient because of their flexible requirements. The aspiring candidates can quickly meet, and invitations are also issued frequently. The rank required to apply is 613th or above. The tie-breaking rule came on June 22, 2021. If more than one candidate has secured the same lowest score, the cut-off is based on the date and time they submitted their Express Entry profile.

Check out the outcomes of the latest Canada Express Entry held on October 27, 2021

Date of draw               No. of invitations issuedMinimum CRS scoreCategory

24 November, 2021          613                             737                                    PNP pathway

There are 577 candidates in the 601-1200 CRS score range, 4059 candidates in the 501-600 CRS score range for the distribution of candidates in the Express Entry pool. Most of the Canada PNPs are aligned with the Canada Express entry and provide an additional 600 points to the Express Entry candidates if their profile and interest match the province’s demands.

Canada Express entry is the fastest and the most convenient pathway to immigrate to Canada within six months if the requirements are met in the commanded fashion. 

A set of instructions is issued for each invitation round that are:

  • posted on the Canada government site at the time of the invitation round,
  • The Express Entry system is used to invite candidates from the pool.

The instructions include:

  • the date and time of the draw,
  • the number of candidates that will get an invitation to apply
  • which immigration program are included in the round, for example only from Federal Skilled Trades

Canada Express entry regularly invites the candidates to apply for permanent residency in Canada on IRCC. The candidates must stay updated with the recent Canadian immigration news to catch all the current hustles in immigration in the Canadian land. So, what are you waiting for? Apply today for the Canada Express Entry and move to the dreamland of the world, welcoming immigrants with a warm embrace.

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AINP Issued 200 NOIs With 343 CRS Score In The Federal Express Entry Pool - Latest Draw

Alberta has issued the data of letters received to the new candidates. In immigration draw total 200 NOIs issued on November 9, 2021 with the new hike of 343 CRS score of the lowest-ranked candidate.

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) invited a total 200 number of Notification of Interest for Express Entry candidates to apply for a provincial nomination. This score has now changed in this draw after a long time but it was steady in every draw since the start of September, and it only changed by 1 &2 in the rest of the months. Invitations information of on draws is posted after one month of the date of draw. The AINP regularly reviews available candidates in the federal Express Entry poolto select candidates from the pool, inviting them to submit a completed application to the AINP. 

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Nomination Certificate limit

So far Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issued 5,871 nominations certificate.

There are approximately 800 expressions of interest applications in the Alberta Express Entry pool and 375 Alberta Opportunity Stream applications. 

Application Volumes and Processing

The most common factors considered in AINP application is depend on the common factors like 

  • Application quality which depends on eligibility, completeness, and documents details, 
  • Labour market information
  • Volume of application received
  • The date of application was received

The AINP has a high volume of applications and Alberta Express Entry submissions in the following occupations. These submissions may take longer to process.

1123 – Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations
6311 – Food service supervisors
2253 – Drafting technologists and technicians
6211 – Retail sales supervisors
3211 – Medical laboratory technologists
2282 - User support technicians

0211 - Engineering managers
2131 – Civil engineers
6322 – Cooks
7511 – Transport truck drivers  

Date of draw                   No. of NOIs issued     CRS score of the lowest-ranked candidate

November 9, 2021        200                             343



To get the Notification of Interest (NOI), you must:

1. Have a CRS score of at least 343.

2. Maintain an active profile in the Express Entry.

3. Working in a sector that supports the economic condition of Alberta.

4. Display the intention to live and work in the province permanently.

An invited candidate must comply with the documents requirements. After completing the proper documentation process, the candidates are nominated by the province of Alberta to apply for permanent residency in Canada on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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In 2022, the NOC will undergo significant modifications in Canada - Aptechvisa

The adjustments will be implemented by IRCC and ESDC in the fall of 2022.

NOC 2021 was announced in Canada, and the immigration system will be updated in 2022.

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is an important aspect of the immigration system in Canada. Candidates for skilled workers and temporary foreign employees must show that their work experience meets the NOC requirements of the programme to which they are applying. For example, Express Entry is the most common option for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada, and candidates must show that their job experience falls under NOC skill levels 0, A, or B as one of the Canada Express Entry eligibility criteria.

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The NOC is Canada's national occupational reference. It classifies employment activities in Canada to aid in understanding the structure of the Canadian labour market, the administration of government programmes, the promotion of skills development, research, and the management of Canada's immigration and foreign worker programmes.

The federal government conducts a substantial revision of the NOC every ten years. The NOC has changed in response to changes in the Canadian economy and labour market.

Employment and Social Development Canada and Statistics Canada released NOC 2021 in the month of September.

NOC 2021 is the culmination of a lengthy process that included in-depth research, analysis, and evaluation of the Canadian economy.

Currently, NOC 2016 is used to run immigration and foreign worker programmes by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), ESDC, and Canada's provinces and territories. IRCC and ESDC both stated in an email to CIC News that they will not implement NOC 2021 until the fall of 2022.

The rationale for this is that the federal government wants to give stakeholders more time to understand about how NOC 2021 may affect them, particularly Canada immigration applications.

Changes in Brief

The following is a summary of the modifications to NOC 2021 provided by ESDC:

The NOC's current four-category "skill level" structure has been revamped and replaced with a new six-category system that describes the level of TEER required to enter each occupation. The NOC has had four skill levels up till now. NOC A denotes employment that typically requires a bachelor's degree, NOC B denotes jobs in the skilled trades or a college diploma, NOC C denotes jobs that require intermediate skills or job-specific training, and NOC D denotes jobs that require on-the-job training.

NOC 2021 will classify occupations using a five-tier hierarchical framework. Instead of the present four-digit system, occupations will henceforth be coded with a five-digit system.

NOC 2021 has replaced the four skill type categories (NOC A, B, C, and D) with a six-category TEER system: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.


 Management Occupation

TEER 1  

a university degree (bachelor's, master's, or PhD); or several years of experience in a specific TEER category 2 occupation (when applicable



Completion of a two- to three-year post-secondary education programme at a community college, institute of technology, or CÉGEP; or Completion of a two- to five-year apprenticeship training programme; or Professions like police officers and firefighters which require supervision or major safety duties; or have a year’s worth of experience under specialized TEER 3 category occupations. Years’ worth of experience under specialized TEER 3 occupation category.


Completion of a two-year post-secondary education programme at a community college, institute of technology, or CÉGEP; or two-year apprenticeship training; or more than six months of on-the-job training, Courses that require training, specified work experience with higher education: or years’ worth of experience in a particular occupation under TEER 4; or several years’ worth of experience under TEER 4 category (when applicable).


Graduate or Several weeks of experience as an intern in a company with secondary schooling; or having years of experience under TEER category.


There are no formal schooling prerequisites and only a brief job demonstration.

What influence will Canada immigrants and international employees have?

NOC 2021 will have minimal to no influence on many immigration and foreign worker candidates. Because their work experience will continue to match the eligibility criteria for their preferred Canada immigration or foreign worker program notwithstanding changes to the NOC, they will be able to apply. The adjustments, on the other hand, will benefit some candidates while harming others. Because their employment experience has been reclassified, some may now be eligible for further programmes. Others may lose their eligibility due to the same reason.

At this time, it's unclear how applications will be affected. Stakeholders will have to wait for more information from the IRCC and the ESDC.

According to Statistics Canada, there are two key reasons why the skill type model is being phased out in favor of the TEER system. To begin with, the TEER system tries to clarify the amount of education and work experience required to work in a certain occupation. Second, Statistics Canada feels that the skill type model artificially divides employment into low- and high-skilled categories. Implementing TEER should provide stakeholders a clearer idea of how many skills are necessary for each job.

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Wednesday 24 November 2021

258 Invitations Issued By BC PNP For NOC 0621 And 0631 Draw - Latest Draw

In the recent BC PNP draw held on November 23, 2021, they issued 258 invitations for NOC 0621 and 0631. The candidates belonging to the Skilled Worker, International Graduates, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled category for the British Columbia immigration streams of Skills Immigration and the Express Entry BC. 

This draw is conducted to invite superior skills and expertise candidates who have the highest scoring in each category and international graduates who can contribute to sustaining the economy of the British Columbia province. 

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The BC PNP NOC 0621 and 0631 draw invites Retail and wholesale trade managers, Restaurant and food service managers who can organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of restaurants, bars, cafeterias and other food restaurants. Apart from this, they are inviting Hospitality workers, service managers and international students in demand in the economic market in the province of British Columbia. Such candidates must apply for permanent residency through the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada). BC PNP is one of the Canadian immigration pathways which are quick and fast to process.

You can glance at the table below to better understand the outcomes of the NOC 0621 and 0631 draw.


Number of



Other Considerations

 November 23, 2021


SI - Skilled Worker


NOC 0621 and 0631 draw conducted separately.
 See below.

SI - International Graduate


SI - Entry Level and Semi-Skilled


EEBC - Skilled Worker


EEBC - International Graduate


Requirements of Canada

Canada accepts over 1 million new skilled migrants over the next couple of years, from ITAs, NOC 0621, NOC0631, Tech draw in different Permanent Residency Visa categories. For example, the role of Restaurant and food service managers in Canada is on the NOC List. Suppose your job is Restaurant and food service manager, Retail and wholesale trade manager, and your occupation potentially has an in-demand job role. In that case, you’ll be perfect for Canadian Immigration.

About NOC 0621 and NOC 0631

So, NOC 0621 BC PNP is for Retail and wholesale trade managers, bookstore managers, antique dealers, clothing store managers who can plan, organize, direct, control, and evaluate the operations of establishments that sell merchandise or services on a retail or wholesale basis. On the other hand, the role of Restaurant and food service managers is currently on the Canadian National Occupation Code 0631. If your role is Restaurant and food service manager, then you can immigrate to Canada. Canada is accepting PR visas under the categories:

  • Provincial Nomination Visa for NOC Code 0631,
  • Federal Skilled Trades for Restaurant and food service manager’s occupations.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa for Restaurant and food service managers

The invited candidates must follow the procedure laid by the IRCC to achieve their Canada PR and British Columbia immigration process. 

Canada PR is uproar in the industry of immigration among the non-native Canadians dreaming for a better and enhanced life post becoming a permanent resident in Canada.

So, are you keen on starting a new chapter in your career? Well, then take a step forward and apply for the BC PNP today to migrate to the greenest province of Canada.

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Monday 22 November 2021

The best way to immigrate to Canada from India - Aptech Visa

Immigration to Canada is not easy, as we all know. Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, with plenty of career opportunities for immigrants. To apply for and be approved for immigration to Canada, one must go through a number of stages.

According to my research, there are various excellent and inexpensive options for coming to Canada. For example:
  • LMIA Work Visa
  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)
  • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  • Free Canada Immigration Assessment Form

Free Canada Immigration Assessment Form

People nowadays do not settle down in the country where they were born. Canada is a popular location for people looking to immigrate because of its stable economy and great quality of life. There are various options for people who want to relocate to Canada. Each immigration procedure has its own set of requirements.

Live and work in Canada permanently.

The following are the most regularly used procedures:

· Express Entry is appropriate for talented employees who aspire to become permanent residents of Canada. Candidates are ranked based on age, education, work experience, and language ability, among other considerations. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) can now examine, recruit, and choose a qualified individual who meets the requirements for federal immigration programs such as:

Federal Skilled Worker Program  (FSWP)
Federal Skilled Trades Program   (FSTP)
The Canadian Experience Class   (CEC)

The Express Entry has the quickest processing period of any permanent residency category, with 80 percent of applications approved in less than four months.

· Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): With the exception of Quebec, each of Canada's 13 region has its own immigration scheme, known as a Provincial Nominee Program or PNP. PNPs allow places to respond to their specific financial demands by providing permanent resident status to certain candidates.

Across Canada, there are around 80 different PNPs, each with its own set of qualification requirements. If you're only eligible for one of them, it could be your ticket to Canada!

· The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP) was established in 2017 to assist in the recruitment of more workers to the Atlantic Region of Canada. Employers in the Atlantic Region can use the AIP programme to hire foreign workers from outside of Canada. An employment offer from one of the program's authorized employers is required to be eligible for AIP.

· LMIA Work Visa: Many candidates for Canadian immigration receive employment offers in Canada, apply for a work visa, and then move to Canada based on that premise. The LMIA entails authenticating a Canadian job offer, having the Canadian company file for an LMIA through Service Canada, and then the candidate applying for a work permit after the LMIA has been approved. It is a lengthy procedure, but it has the potential to result in permanent residence in Canada. 

There is plenty of incentive to relocate to Canada. In terms of employment, Canada provides talented workers with a wealth of opportunities and better life prospects. The country is enthralled by a variety of sights ranging from rough mountains to the Niagara Falls. The country has a strong educational system and provides free basic human services. It is also known as the safest country on the planet and the country with the most personal freedom.

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Sunday 21 November 2021

IRCC has not announced when it will invite FSWP candidates for Express Entry - Aptechvisa

In 2021, Canada has yet to award FSWP candidates with Express Entry invitations.

With only two months left in the year, it's unclear whether IRCC would invite FSWP candidates again in 2021.

IRCC disclosed it has yet to make a decision on when it will resume sending Express Entry invites to all candidates at a meeting on October 21st between Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and groups representing Canadian immigration attorneys and consultants.

Waiting for the new federal cabinet to settle in is a part of the decision-making process, according to the department. On September 20, Canada held a federal election, and the Liberal Party of Canada, which won, revealed their cabinet on October 26.

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With the new cabinet in place, the IRCC will be able to bring substantial suggestions to Sean Fraser, the new immigration minister, for approval. For example, in the first half of this year, former immigration minister Marco Mendicino proposed and subsequently accepted the proposal to invite only Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Program candidates to the Express Entry lotteries in 2021.

Express Entry is the most common option for low-income immigrants to enter Canada. If you want to immigrate through Express Entry, you must be eligible for one of three programmes:

·         Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

·         Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

·         Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

Express Entry also manages a portion of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), as long as an applicant fits the requirements of one of the following programmes.

Candidates who are eligible must next upload their profiles to the IRCC website. They are given a CRS score based on human capital qualities like age, education, English and/or French abilities, and work experience, among other things. Prior to the corona virus epidemic, the IRCC ran bi-weekly lotteries to select the best candidates for permanent residency.

FSWP candidates were the primary recipients of Invitations to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence prior to COVID. Because the FSWP has the greatest language proficiency requirement of the three programmes, they tend to have better CRS scores than CEC and FSTP candidates.

FSWP candidates must have their foreign education reviewed, and they often have more work experience than CEC candidates, which contributes to their better CRS scores.

The CEC and FSTP have no formal schooling requirements, and because the majority of its candidates are former international students, who are typically younger in age, CEC candidates typically have less work.

IRCC routinely considered candidates from all three programmes in each Express Entry draw prior to the outbreak of the pandemic in Canada. When Canada implemented pandemic-related travel restrictions in March 2020, IRCC switched to program-specific drawings, in which only PNP and CEC candidates were evaluated. The reason for continuing to welcome PNP candidates was that IRCC had a responsibility to assist provinces and territories in meeting their labour market needs. The logic behind CEC drawings was that because these people were largely in Canada, they were less likely to be affected by COVID issues like travel limitations.

On July 8, 2020, IRCC held the first pandemic-related all-program draw (an all-program draw is one that considers all Express Entry candidates). Between September and December of last year, it held all-program draws after briefly returning to program-specific draws, including one for FSTP candidates only.

IRCC, on the other hand, has exclusively invited PNP and CEC candidates since the beginning of this year. Internal IRCC briefing documents obtained through access to information requests by CIC News explain why IRCC is taking this route. This year, one of IRCC's major responsibilities is to meet its target of 401,000 new permanent residents.

IR The epidemic was still raging, vaccines were slow to reach out, and many travel restrictions remained in place when IRCC took stock of the situation at home and abroad at the start of 2021. The IRCC determined that the best method to meet its 401,000 newcomer goal was to limit Express Entry invitations to PNP and CEC candidates in the first half of the year. This would be in addition to previous recent actions, such as providing up to 90,000 more permanent residence spaces to temporary immigrants in Canada during the pandemic. IRCC presented Mendicino with this plan, which he approved.

On April 7, 2021, there were around 145,000 FSWP candidates in the Express Entry pool, according to IRCC data provided to CIC News. As of June 29, the number had risen to 153,000. Because applicant profiles expire after one year and language tests and educational competency assessments have expiration dates, the pool's size does not necessarily rise over time. However, because prior and new candidates upload their profiles in order to be considered for a permanent residence invitation, the pool size grows with time.

The benefits and drawbacks of the IRCC's present strategy

The key advantage of IRCC's continued concentration on CEC and PNP invites is that it provides the Canadian government with assurance that it will meet its immigration targets during what has been an uncertain era in history due to the pandemic. It made logical for IRCC to focus on inviting individuals who lived in Canada when it announced its Express Entry decision earlier this year. Despite the fact that the majority of Canada's travel restrictions have been abolished, IRCC is likely to continue delaying FSWP invitations in order to focus on processing the applications of people who are most likely to complete their permanent residency landings in the near future. IRCC has landed around 267,000 new permanent residents.

On the other hand, now that travel restrictions are mostly lifted, it appears that IRCC's policy is less reasonable. In theory, there's nothing stopping IRCC from inviting FSWP candidates now and then and processing their applications past 2021. Furthermore, IRCC runs the risk of alienating FSWP applicants, who may believe they are being treated unfairly for no reason other than their own. Due to the continuous delays in FSWP invites, some of these candidates may now have to spend additional expenditures, such as retaking their language test.

I am a candidate for the FSWP. Is it worthwhile to join the Express Entry pool right now?

The biggest disadvantage of applying to the Express Entry pool today as an FSWP applicant is that your language test may expire if you do not acquire an ITA within the two-year validity term. If this happens, you'll have to retake the language test, which will cost you more time and money.

On the other hand, there are benefits to jumping into the pool right now. They include the fact that applicants offer themselves an opportunity to acquire an ITA, however if they are outside the pool, their chances of receiving an ITA are nil.

I am a candidate for the FSWP. Is it worthwhile to join the Express Entry pool right now?

The biggest disadvantage of applying to the Express Entry pool today as an FSWP applicant is that your language test may expire if you do not acquire an ITA within the two-year validity term. If this happens, you'll have to retake the language test, which will cost you more time and money.

On the other hand, there are benefits to jumping into the pool right now. They include the fact that applicants offer themselves an opportunity to acquire an ITA, however if they are outside the pool, their chances of receiving an ITA are nil.

Being in the pool also allows candidates the opportunity to get a provincial nomination invitation, which, if accepted, will earn them 600 more CRS points and almost ensure that they will acquire an ITA.

Candidates that participate in the pool have a chance to obtain a job offer worth up to 200 CRS points.

Finally, while we do not know when IRCC will resume inviting FSWP candidates, it is crucial to recall that it has stated that it looks forward to resuming invitations to FSWP candidates as soon as it is able to.

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Friday 19 November 2021

SINP International Skilled WorkersInvited 633 Total Number Of Candidates For EOI

The SINP’s EOI selection rounds that have occurred through the system are issued on November 18, 2021, for the 633 total candidates. They applied under the express entry and occupation in the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). First, they choose the applicants who meet the qualification criteria of Saskatchewan PNP. Then, the province gathers people from the express entry pool and invites them to apply for a provincial nomination from the province. The dates of the selections will not be posted before they take place and the selection procedure will go on a bi-monthly basis, at minimum. 

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Out of the total 633 candidates, 425 invitations were issued to the candidates who applied under the Saskatchewan express entry stream of SINP. The remaining 208 invitations were issued to the candidates who applied under the Saskatchewan occupation-in-demand stream of Saskatchewan PNP. Those who have received an invitation in the latest SINP draw held on November 18, 2021, are now eligible for a provincial nomination from the province of Saskatchewan. 

The invited candidates who had an educational credential assessment, then the score of the lowest-ranked candidate are 65 under both the subcategories such as express entry and occupation-in-demand. These CRS score points are based on specific parameters such as age, work experience, academic qualification, proficiency in English or French, connections in Saskatchewan, etc.

Not all occupations were selected. The works were chosen and eligible for the EOI selection on November 18, 2021, have a specific classification. You can view the table referenced underneath to acquire an unmistakable comprehension of the most recent Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) conducted on November 18, 2021.  

Date of Invitations to Apply


Score of Lowest Ranked Candidate to Apply

Total Candidates Invited to Apply

Other Considerations





November 18, 2021

Express Entry



Invited Candidates had Educational Credential Assessments. Not all occupations were selected. The occupations chosen and eligible for the EOI selection on November 18, 2021 have the following classification numbers: 0711, 0016, 7242, 0712, 7294, 7231, 7281, 7243, 7201, 7371, 7203, 7235, 7283, 7272

Occupations In-Demand



Invited Candidates had Educational Credential Assessments. Not all occupations were selected. The occupations chosen and eligible for the EOI selection on November 18, 2021 have the following classification numbers: 0711, 0016, 7242, 0712, 7294, 7231, 7281, 7243, 7201, 7371, 7203, 7235, 7283, 7272

So, if you’re keen on living and working in the region of Saskatchewan on a long-lasting premise in 2021, then this is the time you would take off. Investigate the two best floods of SINP, for example, the Express section and occupation sought after. Both the streams are an optimal pathway to acquire passage into Canada and become extremely durable inhabitants there. 

Pick the best one! Before picking the best one, ensure that you are eligible or not! Fill in the free online assessment form so you can decide your qualification free of charge! Choose the best immigration Consultant Company to settle in Canada. Aptech visa guides you and evaluates your profile for visa processing.

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Manitoba Issued 428 LAAs Of Expression Of Interest 130th Draw On November 18, 2021

In the new 130th Manitoba PNP draws conducted on November 18, 2021, the province of Manitoba issued 428 Letters of Advice to apply or the LAAs to the MPNP candidates. Apart from this, 68 were issued to candidates who declared a valid Express Entry ID and job seeker validation code. There are three Manitoba immigration category streams, Skilled Workers in Manitoba, the International Education Stream, and Skilled Worker Overseas.

Canada Free Assessment Form

A total number of 376 LAAs were issued in the stream of the Skilled Workers in Manitoba of the MPNP. The scores of the lowest rank candidate invited for a skilled worker is 464. The Skilled Worker in Manitoba invites foreign nationals who already possess work experience in the province of Manitoba and are currently working in the Manitoba province. To get invited under the stream, the candidates must have a highly competitive profile. 

For the International Education Stream, the number of letters of Advice to apply is 30, but the minimum cut-off score for the stream was not announced. 

In Skilled workers overseas, 22 were invited directly by the MPNP under a strategic recruitment initiative for which the lowest ranking score is 726. The stream focuses on the international and overseas foreign nationals with relevant work experience and who can demonstrate strong ties with the province of Manitoba, such as a relative living in the area or prior work experience etc.

Readers must give a look at the table given below to gain the concise outcomes of the recent Manitoba PNP draw held on November 18, 2021

Date of draw


No. of invitations issued 

Minimum score

November 18, 2021

Skilled Worker in Manitoba




International Education stream



Skilled Worker Overseas



The Manitoba PNP is one of the Canada PNPs which relies on a solid connection with the province. The Expressions of Interest from Skilled Worker Overseas candidates have been considered who were directly invited by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment initiative and who possess a valid IRCC Express Entry profile. Additionally, they will get an additional 600 points to uplift their chances of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to apply for permanent residency in Canada through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to become the Canada PR. Sometimes candidates complain that their score is higher than that of the lowest-ranked candidate, but they have not received an Letter of Advice to Apply. This could be because you have indicated that you have taken an approved third-party language test to demonstrate your language ability in English/French, but have not provided a valid Test Number in your EOI or your language test is no longer valid, OR You have indicated that you have received an Invitation to Apply to the MPNP under a Strategic Initiative, but did not provide a valid Invitation Number

What's at the forefront of your thoughts? It is your opportunity to apply for the Manitoba PNP and turn into the Canada PR this year. 

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